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As most of you know, for the past few months I’ve been a part of Eric Ankrim’s Spring Acting Intensive based out of Seattle, WA. Over the course of the intensive I’ve learned a lot about my craft, and I’ve become even more comfortable working in an audition setting. Isn’t it odd that belting my face off in front of a thousand people for a two hour musical doesn’t phase me, but singing one song in front of two people for a few minutes can? What. A. World.

But huzzah! I have grown! So much so that when one of the attendees for the culminating showcase had to reschedule and come to our class a week earlier to hear us sing, I was ready. I was SO READY. What once would have sent me into a tizzy now seemed like a breeze. I didn’t think of it as an end-all-be-all audition. I looked at it as my chance to have fun and perform.

So Monday night I, along with twenty other Seattle artists, auditioned for Kelsey Thorgalsen – who basically casts everything there is to cast at The 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle, WA. A theatre I would do anything to perform at. There was no particular order to our auditions, so I volunteered to go first out of my group. I went in excited instead of nervous, and I sang my freaking heart out. I left my audition feeling elated and energetic. Something I could have only dreamed of a year ago! (If you wanna hear what I sang for her check out: I Enjoy Being a Girl and Let’s Talk About Week Two.) Although I’ve definitely grown since I first sang for Eric a month ago, that’s oddly not the thing I am most proud of.

Throughout this entire journey I have learned to playI am notorious for taking what I do too seriously. Of course when it comes to the thing that makes you most passionate – most in love with the world and with art, you would take it a little seriously. But my pinpoint focus along with my tendencies of seeking perfection weren’t exactly working in my favor. I’ve learned to channel that passion and intensity while also realizing that it’s OKAY to make mistakes and play around a little bit.

PSA: I didn’t work out that day, but I love a good black tee in my life.

Since embarking on this journey with Eric and the amazing group of young actors in Seattle, I have auditioned for two large musicals and a musical revue, been cast as a lead in the first musical (which I had to turn down because of scheduling. Curses scheduling!), been called back for a lead in the second, and cast as a featured singer in the revue! I attribute all of these positive results to my new found love of performing.

I guess positive energy can be pretty darn neat. This outlook has launched me into new adventures – the ones I’ve always wished of pursuing but never actively worked on before. From website editing to social justice internships. From blogging about fashion to dabbling in photography. The world is my oyster*!

*Actually I’m going to go with clam. I love a good clam.

Stay tuned for my future shenanigans, and to see how my final showcase turns out!

I’m brainstorming ideas for the next song I should tackle and film for all y’all. Any suggestions? I’d love to hear them!

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