Seattle Style: A Raisin in the Sun

It’s my senior year in college, and I’m getting ready to graduate. Oh boy I really cannot believe I just typed out those words. If didn’t already know, I’m a theatre major! I’m working toward my BFA in Acting/Directing with a minor in music.

I LIVE for theatre. I really live for theatre. But with the hustle and bustle of gettin’ school work done, attending rehearsals for show, working three jobs, and running a clothing company I’ve kind of let theatre fall by the wayside.

My friend Monty and I getting amped for the start of the show.


As a theatre major I truly believe it’s not only my passion, but it’s also my job to get out into the professional world and see me some live Seattle theatre! This exposes me to shows I don’t know, local actors and directors, theater spaces I’m not familiar with, playwrights I haven’t read before, and on and on and on.

SO, my goal this semester is to see TEN shows. In order to make this a little more feasible, I’m going to include theatre productions at my university as well. (Those tickets are a little more in my preferred price range!)

A Raisin in the Sun at the Seattle Repertory Theater makes show number three of the semester! The show was FANTASTIC, and surprise – I left feeling crazy inspired. (Monty and also got scolded for taking pics of the set. I swear I didn’t realize the set was copyrighted! My b. That’s my b.)


Not only was the theatre out of this world, but I felt like a starlet rocking this black and white getup to the theater. As it gets colder and rainier in the PNW, I get to play around with layers more and more. While rummaging through my closet I texted my girlfriend “I LITERALLY HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR” like you do. Not having gone shopping for myself in awhile, I was at a loss as trying to find an outfit that made me feel glamorous that wasn’t one of the four looks I regularly have on rotation.

And thus layering some simple pieces was my saving grace. I wanted to dress up my look with a button up collar, so I dug out this white tee I have struggle wearing on its’ own because of the sheerness. And by the fashion gods’ grace, this black lace top dress was perfect to layer giving the illusion that the pieces were meant to be worn together.


With a black dress and black tights, I chose my black wedges with a wooden base as my shoe of choice in order to tie the look together with my Michael Kors purse!


Stay tuned for the next show and coordinating look. Theatre here I come!

Please don’t tell on me for showing you this picture. Okay? There is a lot of trust between you and me.

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