Kendrick Lamar / THE DAMN. TOUR

I love Kendrick Lamar. 

Okay, I will 100% admit I wasn’t an OG Day One fan, but hey I’m a fan now and I adore Uncle Kenny. Kendrick’s new album DAMN. came out back in April of this year, and I kid you not I near had a heart palpitation listening through the songs for the first time. The first song BLOOD. I was just absorbing, and then when it segued into DNA. I stood up from my desk and started fangirl-shrieking much to the dismay of my housemates.

I listened to the album non-stop, and so when Kendrick announced he was going on tour I was HYPEEEE. My friend Lia and I bought tickets the morning sales were live, and then we had to wait for August 1st to come.

Honestly, I kind of forgot about the concert for awhile with my crazy life but the day finally came. AND WOW. LIKE WOW. Kendrick is a musical genius, political activist, and an entertainer to the extreme.

We’re best friends now him and I because we coexisted in the same space for two hours, and I just think that’s how that works.

Check out the artist and check out the fit.

Jacket & Heels // H&M
Romper // PacSun


Reclaiming my time.


Love you all (especially you Uncle Kenny) xoxo.


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