MY MISSION: to create behind-the-scenes content for those who crave the artistic process in the hopes of promoting honesty and openness through the love of self and vocation.

I’ve been an artist all my life, but I spent a long time denying myself the space to pursue my art as a career. I didn’t see how I fit into the world as it stood. I loathed it, and my self-esteem fell prey to it until I realized I had more power than I thought. The act of following my dream could possibly change the world — I could make a difference through being me. Authentically.

The world I see for myself, for us, is intersectional. It’s art. It’s love. It’s representation. It’s justice. It’s powerful. And it’s ours. I’m creating art, and I’m filling the world with love in the best way I know how. Won’t you join me?

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